About Us

It’s our mission to empower high school coaches and team dealers to build online stores for their teams and fans that don’t have the same constraints of typical popshops that we see so often today.

PopShop Problems:

  • Takes weeks to build an online store
  • Closes after 3 weeks
  • Athletes don’t order the right stuff
  • Products run out of stock
  • Orders are only delivered weeks after store closes
  • Parents and fans can’t purchase products
  • Athletes can’t replace lost or damaged products

TeamLocker Solutions

  • Start selling online in less than 15 minutes
  • Open all season long
  • Athletes can purchase required products with one click
  • Products never run out of stock
  • Each order ships within 72 hours
  • Parents and fans can order the same gear all season long
  • Athletes can replace products all season long

We think you will love the flexibility and turnaround time of our online stores and products but if you see ways that we can be better, please let us know.

Thank you,
Your TeamLocker Team